Access ROS data on the core2 board

I’ve some experience with ROS and created the node for receiving the raw rgb-image data of the camera. I want to access the raw rgb-image data on the core2 board in the web IDE for further filtering/ processing.

I think I need to include the node (which I created in the Linux-environment) as a h.-file in the web IDE.

I saw on another post that I should ‘access the core2 io via ROS’, but I don’t understand what that means and how to do that. Could someone please give me an explanation on how to do that?


Hello Mees,

Unfortunately it is not possible to access rgb-image data on CORE2 - size of single frame will be greater than the memory available on board (which is 192KB). Assuming you have camera with resolution 640x480 and 8 bits per color channel, single frame is 921KB.

If you are interested in getting other data from ROS into CORE2 board, you can use example posted at other topic:

This method allows to access any kind of data, as long as it fits into RAM.
You only need to change message type and topic name.