Blank UI

Please help.
I just connected my new Rosbot but the UI window remains blank.
My robot is online in the cloud.
I get green marks on
connecting to server
connecting to device
loading user interface
then i get a notice “user interface is not active click window below to activate”.
but when i click the window below all i get is a blank window.
The debug toolbar gives me correctly the battery voltage and the active time.
I uploaded the default firmware in the IDE with success but it makes no difference.

What am i doing wrong ?

Hello balbaro,

ROSbot UI is not enabled by default, you need to set it up as described in Quick start guide.
Then you will be able to access the UI by typing ROSbot IP in browser address bar.


First of all , thanks a bunch for the reply.

After building and uploading the default firmware.
At 6.4 Programming in the Quick Start Guide is mentioned:
Click “Edit” next to your device name and select “More”.
Choose “SSH Terminal”
Thats wat i don’t understand , i dont have “SSH terminal” what i have is
“Use-Unlink-Rename-Share-IDE-Add Camera-Link with Husarnet account”

Ok i managed to access the terminal via a remote connection.
And think i managed to do all the instructions except for the last one:

When i try to launch the very last command

“husarion@rosbot-78975:~$ roslaunch rosbot_webui demo.launch”

I get this error message:

[demo.launch] is neither a launch file in package [rosbot_webui] nor is [rosbot_webui] a launch file name

I noticed that demo.launch exists in rosbot.webui/launch

Sorry but my linux abilities are null.

Have you issued command: source ~/ros_workspace/devel/ ?
This is required to find launch files.


I forgot indeed this command,
Still empty UI window via the cloud but the UI works connected directly to the ip of the bot.

Thanks for the help

This is not a bug, it should be visible only on device IP address.