Board core2 does not boot when RPI3 is attached

I bought core2 board with wi-fi and I want to connect RPI3 instead.

When the wi-fi card is removed the board boots normally but LEDs LR1 and LR2 does not flash.

I see following messages on debug console
[HSENSOR] hSensor::init 0
[HSENSOR] hSensor::init 1
[HSENSOR] hSensor::init 2
[HSENSOR] hSensor::init 3
[HSENSOR] hSensor::init 4
[HSENSOR] hSensor::init 5
initializing hServoModule
[HSYSTEM] task 0 with name hMain created
start application

When I attach the RPI3 I see nothing on the console and RPI boots normally from Husarion power.

Do I need any new firmware for husarion?
Any requirements for RPI (pins direction/voltage levels) to run it properly?


OK, now it works electrically . I have another problem how to direct UART to the RPI.

I can work with debug console well when I direct printf like
// sys.setLogDev(&Serial);
// printf(“start application”);

Now I want to see this printf on the RPI3 console

    printf("start application");

I disabled RPI3 console from Linux system use. What next is necessary to connect?


OK, I see something on RPI3 console using a minicom but it is some fake.

Could I set the speed of the console using core2?

Looks like
Serial.init(115200, Parity::None, StopBits::One);

has no effect.

Hi Mirosław,

You can find the newest version of Linux image for CORE2-ROS (RPi3 oraz ASUS Tinker Board) here: .

I think, your problem should disappear, if you disable system logs at the beginning of the hMain():

RPi.init(115200, Parity::None, StopBits::One);

But we don’t recommend to use RPi port as a user accessible serial port. This port is also used by ROS and hCloudClient libraries. You can still connect hSerial port of CORE2 to the USB host port of RPi3 to get debug console accessible from a level of RPi3.

sys.setLogDev(&Serial); // so you don't need to use "Serial.printf("...");". Just "printf("...");" do now the same
sys.setSysLogDev(&devNull); //there are some internal logs from hFramework, this line disables them
printf("\r\nHello world!");
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