[Closed] General questions about hSensor, hExt, and hServo on ROSBOT2

I am studying the i/o available on the back panel of the ROSBOT 2.0, and thinking about how I can incorporate it in student projects. It appears to me that none of these i/o ports are supported with ROS or ROS2 nodes or topics by Husarion. Is this correct? I think users are expected to add additional code to the CORE2 firmware to read these peripherals with the STM32 processor, and then modify the rosbot_ekf code. Is the reason for this absence (at least for typical use cases) because of bandwidth limitations on the communications channel, or just lack of time by Husarion developers? In other words, why not just make the four ADC channels and six servo PWM channels standard topics published or subscribed? It seems like the wheel is being reinvented many times.

Thank you,
– Ralph

Hi ralphstirling,

You are right, this I/O ports aren’t available from ROS layer, but you can use it. Firmware for ROSbot is in public Git repository. You can easily make some changed and build your own version of firmware according to your needs.

Maybe this functionality will be added to ROSbot firmware, but we don’t work on this yet.

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