Errors in Offline Mode

I just got a brand new computer with Windows 10 and VS-Code 1.36.1, and installed the latest Husarion extensions. Same as before, it builds and uploads to the device. But as soon as I open main.cpp in the VS-Code editor, it complains it can’t find the include for hFramework.h and stddef.h with the default project that is created, and won’t compile. It’s using Husarion 1.5.28 and a default install on a brand new computer, just after pressing Ctrl-Shift-P, type “create husarion project" and press enter in an empty folder. So it’s easy for you to reproduce, please advise. This is a follow up to No Member getRefTime thx

The problem is solved in version 1.5.29 of Husarion extension. Please install the newest version of the extension. It should be available soon.

Thank you for your patience.