Firmware update

I am trying to install ROS2 foxy support on my ROSbot 2.0.
I am looking at ROS2 Demo for ROSbot 2.0 | Husarion for guidance.
I am having a problem Flashing STM32 firmware.
My current firmware is version: 0.10.1.
The following instruction fails:
wget -O /home/husarion/firmware.bin
with a 404 error.


seems the file has been moved to this location.


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We recommend using the newest firmware, :slight_smile: you can find it on our GitHub page:

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I do not see a reference to foxy on that github.

I am looking for a replacement for:
wget -O /home/husarion/firmware.bin

which supports ROS2 foxy.

Q. What am I missing?

The firmware delivered with ros-foxy-arm-beta-2021-04-21.img.xz does not work on my ROSbot 2.0.

I get:
[] topic_name: “mpu9250”
[] message_type: “rosbot_ekf/Imu”
[] md5sum: “3d83bdcabfe2927ed38c36f102a9f646”
[] buffer_size: 512
[] [INFO] [1648638050.690280306] [serial_node]: Setup publisher on mpu9250 [rosbot_ekf/Imu]
[] [INFO] [1648638050.697332293] [serial_node]: Setup publisher on buttons [std_msgs/UInt8]
[] [INFO] [1648638050.714917635] [serial_node]: Subscriber inicialization fine
[] [INFO] [1648638050.724953985] [serial_node]: Subscriber inicialization fine
[] [ERROR] [1648638050.944925053] [serial_node]: Tried to publish before configured, topic id 126
[] [INFO] [1648638050.947022740] [serial_node]: Requesting topics…
[] [ERROR] [1648638050.974853268] [serial_node]: Creation of publisher failed: Checksum does not match: 476f837fa6771f6e16e3bf4ef96f8770,4ddae7f048e32fda22cac764685e3974

firmware version: 0.14.3

Is there a bin available for down load?