Generic control application

I have the RosBot 2.0 pro working with the WebGui demo program, but this app is very basic. Is there a project or available system for a more capable application? I was hoping an out-of-the-box capability would include:

Map an area, including some target locations
Save and load maps and locations
Set tasks or destination to drive the vehicle to the location.

And so be able to send the vehicle to do a task - drive from one place to another.

Hi Barry,

That’s correct- WebGui demo is a basic program for ROSbot teleoperation and watching data from the sensors. We designed it to present ROSbot functionalities with no coding involved.

More advanced web user interface for ROSbot is not available out of the box, however you can create your own based on the resources provided by Husarion:

a) GitHub - husarion/rosbot_webui - source code for current web ui
b) Bootstrap 4 + ROS : creating a web UI for your robot | by Dominik Nowak | Husarion Blog | Medium - article about how to create web user interface powered by ROS and Bootstrap 4
c) SLAM navigation | Husarion and Path planning | Husarion - tutorials showing how to perform autonomous navigation.

Hope that helps!