Getting started

I am a newbee in this area and seek for help.

I have a CORE2-ROS module with Raspberry PI 3.
They have both a micro SD slot to put a card into it.
For the PI I put the image Stable v 1.0.0

Do I need a image for the CORE2 rtos? also on a micro SD?

Thanks for your help.

Hi fredeisen,

you need only one microSD card with Linux image for Raspberry Pi 3.

The RTOS is the part of the hFramework library, which is uploaded every time you flash the new program to the CORE2 microcontroller - STM32.
Here you can find a tutorial that explains how to flash the first program (written in C++) to the real-time microcontroller:

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Hi radeknh,
Thanks for your help and now I can proceed,
Best regards,

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