Has anyone got VS-Code to work?

rder -std=c++11 -MMD -MT CMakeFiles/myproject.elf.dir/main.cpp.o -MF CMakeFiles/myproject.elf.dir/main.cpp.o.d -o CMakeFiles/myproject.elf.dir/main.cpp.o -c main.cpp
In file included from /home/andrew/.vscode/extensions/husarion.husarion-1.5.8/sdk/include/hTypes.h:10:0,
from /home/andrew/.vscode/extensions/husarion.husarion-1.5.8/sdk/include/ISensor.h:10,
from /home/andrew/.vscode/extensions/husarion.husarion-1.5.8/sdk/ports/stm32/include/hFrameworkPort.h:7,
from /home/andrew/.vscode/extensions/husarion.husarion-1.5.8/sdk/include/hFramework.h:7,
from main.cpp:1:
/usr/lib/gcc/arm-none-eabi/4.9.3/include/stdint.h:9:26: fatal error: stdint.h: No such file or directory

include_next <stdint.h>


compilation terminated.
ninja: build stopped: subcommand failed.

Hi polycopter.

Are you sure you have installed all the elements required for the Ubuntu/Debian OS (I’m guessing you’re using one of them)? I am talking about:

sudo apt-get install gcc-arm-none-eabi cmake libusb-1.0-0 g++ ninja-build

As it is describe in extension requirements?


In a word, NO. Still hoping that Husarion will realize that many of us want to use the board we bought without being tied to the damn web app.

You don’t need the web app if you program in the ROS environment. I bought the board to program a rosbot. For a non Ros application and the current tools available with Core2, you would be better off with a PI Hat board.

yes, i am sure. for what possible reason is there a minimum # of characters required in a post, btw?

Hi thealy,

there are a few options to program CORE2 offline:

  1. Visual Studio Code + Husarion extension: https://husarion.com/tutorials/howtostart/offline-development-tools/ . It should work both for Windows, Linux and Mac. Please note that for Mac and Linux there are few additional steps mentioned in this tutorial.
  2. using your own IDE (Eclipse, Vim, emacs, etc.) with a SDK package containing built hFramework library: https://files.husarion.com/sdk/CORE2_SDK-stable.zip . Remember that CORE2 uses STM32F4 microcontroller that is quite popular and there are instructions available showing how to conifgure development environment for this MCU. You just use hFramework library instead of default one provided by ST. You can program CORE2 using a bootloader (USB Serial, through FTDI chip), or ST-Link v2 programmer (the second option gives you possibility of hardware debugging)
  3. the same as above but using a source code of hFramework and build it by yourself (it’s on MIT license): GitHub - husarion/hFramework: hFramework is a library for creating real-time software for robotic & mechatronic devices . Instructions how to build it in VSC is here: https://husarion.com/tutorials/howtostart/hframework-library-development/ .

The idea with web IDE is that, it’s rather used to quick start with CORE2 - it works even if you face issues with drivers, toolchain versions, PATH etc. . You are not forced to install any software on your computer to start working with CORE2. If you would like to write a complex software, of course full offline IDE like Visual Studio Code, Eclipse etc is much better. We’re also software developers and preffer offline tools :slight_smile: .

Software is never done and always there is something that can be improved. Development environment for CORE2 will also be better and better thanks for your feedback!


It’s probably the default setting of Discourse. I guess that is because without it, a forum would sometimes look like a chat room :slight_smile: . But maybe there another explanation of: