Html UI

I wanted to start fresh, so I re-flashed my sd card and restarted tutorials but now the UI hangs in the html. is this an issue from the core2-ros or something else?

all the code cam from the examples and same result for example 1,2,3 so far.

the core2 example 1 directly from the IDE in the cloud.

see attached. however the dropdown for the debugger when checked does show proper power readings.

Do I nee to reflash again or is there a fix?

Thank you.

Hey team, I’m seeing the same thing! I believe you folks have a server problem. None of the sample UI apps are working on my CORE2-ROS device that were working previously.


The underlying problem has been fixed - your projects should work correctly now.

Michał Zieliński

Yes, I can confirm that it is working now! Thanks for checking into it.