Husarion and HAL

Hello everyone!
I was wondering if I can program STM32F4 on Husarion board, just as I do with other STM32 MCUs (using CubeMX, HALL, and CMSIS)? There is SWD interface present on the board so i assume this is possible.
What would happen with this while cloud thing if i would upload my own program to the MCU?
Would it be able to restore the board to its default state after reprogramming?



while developing code for CORE2 board you use open source library provided by Husarion - GitHub - husarion/hFramework: hFramework is a library for creating real-time software for robotic & mechatronic devices . You can modify it, or use your own libaries instead.

To upload your own code you can use USB Serial, or SWD interface together with ST-Link V2.

Remember that memory address: 0x08000000 - 0x08010000 is used by a bootloader allowing you to program CORE2 from a . If by accident you will overwrite bootloader, here is an instruction showing how to reinstall it: CORE2 | Husarion .


Thank you for your response.
Can you share with us electrical schematic of the board (which mcu pin connects where)? It would make things simpler for my team.