Important notice: new ROSbot 2.0 low-level firmware is ready

Dear Husarion Community,

we have got important notice related to ROSbot.

Recently we have introduced a new ROSbot firmware based on ARM Mbed framework. That firmware runs on STM32F4 microcontroller that is inside ROSbot and it’s responsible for low level tasks like controlling motors, processing encoder data (for odometry) and interfacing distance sensors. It provides interface for a single board computer on which user’s ROS software is running. That firmware is open source and available here: .

The previous version of firmware is based on hFramework and is available in Web IDE at . It is still supported, but Mbed firmware is recommended for new projects.

Important: Mbed firmware is not compatible with Basically in case of ROSbot, Husarion Cloud is used only for initial STM32F4 firmware upload and then is not used at all. By introducing Mbed firmware we break dependence on Husarion Cloud (that what initially designed for non-ROS, microcontroller based robots).

We have updated our documentation:

  1. ROSbot quick start guide
  2. ROSbot + AWS Robomaker - Quick start tutorial
  3. ROS tutorials - should be ready very soon

If you still want to use hFramework based firmware and need to have access to previous version of docs (using hFrawework firmware for ROSbot), you will find them in a separate branch on Husarion’s GitHub:

  1. ROSbot + AWS Robomaker - Quick start tutorial - hFramework
  2. ROS tutorials - hFramework

Most of the issues, mentioned for the last couple of days on Husarion Community Forum, were related to using Husarion Cloud together with Mbed firmware. We have not marked that clearly before, that using Mbed firmware together with Husarion Cloud might lead to issues some of you have faced before.

We are sorry for that inconvenience and would be super grateful for your feedback related to new Mbed firmware and updated tutorials/documentation page.

All the best,

Husarion team