Map Location

When using rviz on the rosbot_webui demo.launch I can see the LIDAR filling in the map (added in rviz via map topic). Where is that LIDAR map stored? Using rosrun map_server map_saver I can create a map.pgm file. However, I am not sure how the two are related. Ideally I would like to create a map of my environment, do some manual editing of that map, then have rosbot use that edited map.


Hi bobg,

This map is stored in RAM memory - it is created by gmapping node and it will persist as long as this node is running.
The best way to store the map is to use rosrun map_server map_saver.
The gmapping node is publishing map as nav_msgs/OccupancyGrid message type in topic /map. When you call map_saver it subscribes to /map topic to get single message, saves it to map.pgm and its metadata to map.yaml.

To use created map in the same launch, you need to disable gmapping node:

<node pkg="rosbot_webui" type="" name="gmapping_supervisor" output="screen"/>

It is located in line 24 (comment it out or delete), then add line:

<node pkg="map_server type="map_server" name="map_server" output="screen" args="map.yaml"/>

Probably you will want also localization for this map, you could use amcl.



amcl will work great for me.