Noob question - connect Core 2 ROS to Wifi without Android Phone

Hey folks,

New Husarion Core 2 ROS owner here. I’m able to access the device via a keyboard/mouse/monitor and want to connect it to wifi so that I can run husarion-register but I don’t know how to connect the Raspberry Pi to my wifi (and haven’t found an accessible article on The Google).

Can anyone tell me how?

Hi lindsayrgwatt.

If you want to connect your CORE2-ROS to husarion cloud you have to use hConfig app for Android or iOS, but if you just want to connect your RPi to WiFi, click in the upper right corner in field next on the animation of spinning circle. Then choose your WiFi network and enter the password. It sould solve your problem :slight_smile:.


I can connect via wired connection, but no via Wifi. In the right upper corner I only get the following:
At the beginning I saw some Wifi networks, was able to identify my network and entered the password but could never connect.
When I start a network diagnose tool there was a HusarionConfig581366 AccessPoint. So I assume my RPi is in the wrong mode.
What can I do?

Hi MichaeIT.

It sems to your device is in the configuration mode. Check LEDs LR1 and LR2 on your CORE2. If LEDs blink alternately I’m probably right. Try to reboot CORE2-ROS without holding hCfg button. If the sytuacjon wouldn’t change, try to connect your device by hConfig apk one more time.


This worked perfectly. Thanks.

Hi Hubert

I am not in front of my Core2 right now.
But there were 2 LEDs blinking alternately. I did not press the hCfg button while starting and never used hConfig apk until now. As far as I understand this is only neccessary for using the Cloud, but I am working in offline mode with Visual Studio Code.


Hi MichaelT,

CORE2 before first connecting always enter into configuration mode. After first connecting to cloud, you will be able to use your device using offline development tools without any problem with WiFi connection.


Thanks, I will try later, and post the result.
Maybe such are worth to be added to the documentation, this was not clear to me.


ok, after a few tries it worked. The CORE2 is connected to the cloud.
But now I see permanently messages which are sent to the cloud in the CORE2 serial console.
How can I stop this? I only want to work in my local net.

Hi Michael.

You just have to flash program which not using cloud. Eventualy you can unlink your CORE2 from your account. It resolve your problem for sure.


How can I do that?
What is the impact?
How can I revert this?
What is sent to the Cloud in case I have a ROS program without web UI?