Operating System Core2 ros tinkerboard

A few questions, I am not this capable yet, but want to learn limitations of the hardware via the software.

Is there a specific image because of the ros packages included and communication setup between the asus and core2, I was looking to load full desktop environment of ros.

Alternatively load Ubuntu 16.04 and full ros version, I understand to save SD space that lighter versions are used. If I load other than the downloadable image from Husarion will this compromise the rpi connection.

I am using this setup as a complete standalone unit, if I have the asus setup as a desktop with offline tools can I reprogram directly from it via rpi connector or does it have to usb cable.

I haven’t had any problems or long setbacks yet, but just getting to know how isolated we could operate while being able to reprogram in the field on the fly where internet may not be available. I read about the usb cable needing to be connected to a pc, but the asus is the pc.

Is there more information on the connectivity and how the resources are shared between the asus and core 2.

Thank you

Hi Daniel,

Sorry you had to wait so long for the answer.
Of course you can install a full desktop ROS version on our Ubuntu image if you want to however If you want to use the standard Ubuntu 16.04 you will have to complete couple of steps to make communication between SBC and CORE2 possible.

Type in:

sudo su

and next type in this command:

wget https://files.husarion.com/repo/repo.key -O- | apt-key add -
echo 'deb https://files.husarion.com/repo/ xenial main ros' > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/husarion.list
apt-get install -y apt-transport-https
apt-get update

It will allow you to install all Husarion pkg.

You need to install husarion-sdk pkg so you have to type in:

sudo apt-get install husarion-sdk

Answering your next question- no, you can’t do it using RPI connector because it’s busy however as you mentioned, it is possible to do it via USB cable. You can find more information on how to do in this topic.

In case of any other questions feel free to let me know :slight_smile: