Power up SBC only

Hi all,

I would like to power up SBC(Tinker Board) only for debugging purpose but it seems to not powering up without Core2-ROS. Is there any way of doing that?



Connect usb power to the Tinkerboard

Hi everyone

Jerry is absolutely right. I will just add that the Tinker Board needs a very efficient power supply. For examples, you will probably not be able to power it from the USB port from your computer.


Hi all,

I tried power it through USB port which failed. I will try it with efficient power.



Can you write exactly what power source you used?


Hi Hubert,

I tried it from my laptop’s USB port (both from USB2 and USB3). Red Led turns off after 10 sec.

Secondly. I only connect power GPIO pins from Core2 and powered up Core2 but still couldn’t get in. I was trying to connect through Wifi but it has not been activated at all.

I can only able to access it by Wifi If I connect all the pins from Core2.


Hi mert,

please explain what do you mean by “power GPIO pins”?

CORE2 and CORE2-ROS can’t be powered via USB port - please read this section of manual to find out why: https://husarion.com/core2/manuals/core2/#hardware-controlling-servo-power-supply
It will be partially powered and it will cause that LEDs on board and the microcontroller will be powered, but it is not the proper way to supply the power. It can be done only for checking if SBC works, but not permanently!

When you tried to connect the power from USB port of your laptop, the red LED probably turned off after 10s because the SBC have started up and draw more current at this particular moment.

When you tried to connect Tinker Board and CORE2 together and power the CORE2 via its power connector, and it didn’t work as well, it is possible that your power supply was still not efficient enough.

I believe that when you find the proper power supply, everything will work fine :slight_smile:

Hi Radeknh,

To make it clearer I meant the powering the SBC through it’s GPIO pins. This is how it is powered from Core2 I guess. If I connect Core2 to SBC with only power pins and power up the Core2, the SBC should also powered up. But for some reasons it is not starting.

Please dont confuse I have no problem powering up the Core2, My only concern is power up SBC independently.

I will try it with efficient power supply from micro USB.