ROS Admin Planner on a Local Network

Hi All,

I am using ROSBOT Pro 2.0 with h-Framework.

I am trying to use ROS Admin Planner as described in here in a local network.

The issue is that tutorial describes connection to Husarion cloud but I want use ROS Admin Panel on Local Wi-Fi Network. The Network will have only rosbot and Laptop with SSH to Rosbot. Can we use on up-board browser application with out connecting to Internet.

I am already using Visual studio code to flash the core-ros 2.0 board. So I wish to deploy the
Route Admin Panel onto a local network.

Please give any tutorials or links that can be helpful

Hello Pradeep_BV,

For using Route Admin Panel it is best advised to follow this tutorial.

You can work with Route Admin Panel on local network only.
Flashing the firmware with cloud or VScode is your choice, both will be correct.