[Solved] How to reset the odometer by software running inside the ROSbot 2.0

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is there a relieable possibility to reset all odometer or positioning values by software?

I have a service executable running on the ROSbot 2.0 which is remote controlled by a PC software. I want to reset the position and odometer every time the PC software is starting. Of course without rebooting the system inside the ROSbot 2.0. :slight_smile:

Is there any possibility to do that?

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you can call /config service with command RODOM to reset odometry from wheels. You can also reset IMU (Kalman related odometry) using command RIMU.

For more information read this README tab:

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As a little hint: if you call the service inside your code (and not from terminal), it takes some time (i.e. 100/200 ms) until the reset is executed. Therefore it is good to check that your data is really reset before you continue.