[Solved] Publishing cmd_ser not working

When I try to control the servo output of the Core2 by using the cmd_ser topic I get no reaction from the servo.
It works fine when using the configuration command and setting W to the correct number but even though rosbot_ekf is launched and the topic is listed it doesn’t seem to do anything, I’m using a 1 ms PWM a 6V for the servo.

The data seems to publish correctly if it’s intended to publish with the number of the servo pin attached.

I found the problem: In the documentation it is written that 0x3E81 would control hServo1, when in reality 0x3E80 controlls hServo1, I found this solution when looking at the servo tests.

So for someone stumbling across this: The hServos are actually numbered from 0 to 5, not 1 to 6 in the cmd_ser like the documentation claims, maybe this should be changed in the documentation.

Thank you for reporting this. There was indeed a bug with a servo numeration (servo 1 indexed as 0 etc.). Version 0.13.1 fixes the issue:

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