Ubuntu 18.04


is it possible to use Ubuntu 18.04 on the ROSbot 2.0 with ASUS think board?

Hello MrHusarion,

It is possible to use Ubuntu 18.04 on ROSbot 2.0, although we do not provide appropriate image.
You can upgrade existing image with:

sudo apt install update-manager-core
sudo do-release-upgrade

Or you can search for third party image on TinkerBoard forum


Thank you for your reply.
Unfortunately it was not possible for me to upgrade.
I have now flashed a third party image, what do I need to do/install to get the Bot working (driving etc.)?

Hello MrHusarion,

It depends if you want to use cloud functionality.
The easier way is without cloud, you will not be able to flash CORE2 through web IDE, but all other featuers will remain usable, you will be able to:

  • flash COER2 using VSC plugin
  • use Remote Desktop
  • use ROS
  • use webUI

To use without cloud, you can follow CORE2-ROS local serial offline tutorial

If you want to use cloud functionality, we will need to prepare cloud client for Ubuntu 18.04. Currently we do not provide it ready made, as we do not support Ubuntu 18.04 yet (but we are planning to do it in future).
Preparing the cloud client may take some time (for building and testing).


How can I install the stuff which is under /opt/husarion… ?

They are available here.