[Closed] ROS2 Astra camera Docker not working

I rebuilt the Rpi4 system I am working with, and all other sensors except the camera are working. The camera is present via lsusb, and is sending data if I cat its device.

However, the astra camera docker is returning with rc 139. I cannot find any log files on the host system.

Oddly, the camera was working fine with the previous system image. I am sure I am missing something simple. I tried adding the bus and device number, but it did not change the behavior.

Other than building the astra cam packages from source, how else can I debug the camera docker problem ?

I just finished building the ros2_astra_camera package from source on ros galactic, and

ros2 launch astra_camera astra_mini.launch.py

starts without errors. Not sure why the humble docker errors on startup …

Hi clintonamoar,

Please check manual from this dockerfile.

You can also check “Orbbec OpenNI SDK for ROS 2” in Orbbec download section.

We test our software only on original hardware inside ROSbot, and cannot guarantee, that it will work the same on your own, custom setup. The best source of knowledge on how to build ROS packages used in our robots are Dockerfiles (e.g. rosbot-docker/Dockerfile.hardware at ros2 · husarion/rosbot-docker · GitHub)

Best regards,

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