3D Printed Rosbot V 2.0


I’ve been building a 3d Printed rosbot. While I’ve been building it I have been thinking of ways to improve it.
I plan on making the bot a little longer, taller and wider, This will allow for a larger battery.
I will also increase the thickness of the panels. I plan to make the panels 3x thicker.

My 1st generation 3dprinted rosbot is almost complete.
I have the body over the chassis held together with elastics because I have been applying low heat
from a heat lamp to help mold it together. As you can see the side panels fit nice and snug in the slotted upper panel.


Which motors did you end up buying?

2284 34:1 Metal Gearmotor 25Dx52L mm LP 6V with 48 CPR Encoder = 139.80

Here’s what the bot looks like so far. Note: I didn’t want to take any chances hurting my dog’s eyes so I decided to use optical SLAM. It’s supported in ROS. I may use two small cameras for nav. Right I am using one