Arduino compatibility layer

When will the Arduino compatibility layer mentioned here be available and how can it be used?


Hi Michael, the first example showing Arduino compatibility layer is in our Web IDE: just select a template “Arduino MPU9250 example”. Online documentation is not ready yet, but source files are open, and you can find them on our github, eg. hFramework/Arduino.h at master · husarion/hFramework · GitHub

That sounds good!
How can I use it from Visual Studio Code?
I don’t like cloud development, because at some places where I want to play with Core2 there is no (or at least no good) internet access.

Please update Husarion extension in you Visual Studio Code, and you will have access to the current version of hFramework library (the same as in the Web IDE). So the code from Web IDE should also work in VSC.

I have version 1.5.6, which is a few days old and no update is shown.
Is the current version of hFramework included in this version?

Yes, you’ve got the newest version. Arduino compatiblity layer should work.