Autoware.Auto Demo

I’m now trying the Autoware demo with the SVL simulator and ran into a permission problem trying to start the ade.

cd autoware-playground/adehome/AutowareDemo/
sudo ade update-cli
(ADE cli is up-to-date.)

ade start --update --enter
(Got permission denied while trying to connect to the Diocker daemon socket at…
then it asked me for credentials. ??)

Tried to run as sudo and got couldn’t add root user because it already exists. In either case, I cannot start ade.

I can run the simulation environment and drive the car but I can’t run any of the simulations built into ade. Any suggestions?

Hi Joe,

May I ask you to share full error logs? It would be much easier to investigate that issue with these logs.

Best regards,

Here is what I have been able to accomplish successfully to date.

cd /usr/local/bin/
sudo wget
sudo mv ade+x86_64 ade
sudo chmod +x ade
sudo ./ade update-cli

sudo git clone

cd autoware-playground/adehome/AutowareDemo/
sudo ade update-cli

ade start --update --enter
cd AutowareDemo
vcs import <

colcon build --symlink-install

stderr: rosapi
/home/jcoco/AutowareDemo/install/rosapi/lib/python3.8/site-packages/rosapi/ SyntaxWarning: “is not” with a literal. Did you mean “!=”?
if default is not"":

echo ‘source /opt/AutowareAuto/setup.bash’ >> ~/.bashrc
echo ‘source ~/AutowareDemo/install/setup.bash’ >> ~/.bashrc


cd autoware-playground/Panther_simulator

Created a simulation in SVL and published it.


docker container kill $(docker ps -a -q --filter=“name=ade*”)
cd autoware-playground/adehome/AutowareDemo/
ade start

received a > prompt on the terminal

In another terminal window

Simulations → Run Simulation

I received no more displays and I’m not sure how to invoke rviz such as depicted in the demo. That is where I don’t know what to do next.
I tried using keyboard keys but the display doesn’t look the same as in the demo so I don’t think I’m driving. Interesting process to get to this point and I’m not sure how useful it would actually be for me since I can’t figger out how to use it…yet.