Camera calibration file /home/husarion/.ros/camera_info/rgb_Astra_Orbbec.yaml not found

I was going through the RosBot 2.0 tutorial when I reached the point where we create the tutorial_1.launch file.
Once I ran the roslaunch tutorial_1.launch command in the terminal, I got this message:

[ INFO] [1560968297.144619137]: Starting color stream.
[ INFO] [1560968297.578961048]: using default calibration URL
[ INFO] [1560968297.579294716]: camera calibration URL: file:///home/husarion/.ros/camera_info/rgb_Astra_Orbbec.yaml
[ INFO] [1560968297.579696633]: Unable to open camera calibration file [/home/husarion/.ros/camera_info/rgb_Astra_Orbbec.yaml]
[ WARN] [1560968297.579886509]: Camera calibration file /home/husarion/.ros/camera_info/rgb_Astra_Orbbec.yaml not found.

I’ve tried rebooting rosbot but this issue is still occurring. What should I do to fix this?

Hello Gabriel,

The message you are seeing is warning camera optical calibration.
The calibration file is required to fix optical distortions of the image. You can generate this file using camera_calibration tool.

Camera can work normally without the calibration file, you will be able to see camera image or perform object recognition.