Camera not showing up in UI

I just setup my new Ralph telepresence robot with a Samsung Galaxy S5. Everything seems to be working, except that video from the phone’s camera is not showing up in the web UI. The video shows up in a small box in the bottom right corner of the phone’s screen, so I know the camera is active. But for some reason, the video does not show up in the web UI (running on my PC the Chrome browser). Please help.

Another thing I noticed is that the web page reports the following:

Connected via native-esp32.
App version: 7
You are using outdated version of the Husarion application.

I clicked the “update” button, and it tells me that the upgrade may take several minutes. I have waited several minutes, but I never see anything change. I continue to get this message, so I don’t think the update is working. Which “Husarion application” is this referring to? How can I resolve this?


Hi Leo,

We have fixed the issue.
Updated version of the android app is now available at Google Play store.

Please let us know if everything works as it should.


Yes, it is working now. Thank you very much for the quick fix.

I do still see the “You are using outdated version of the Husarion application.
message, which I am unable to resolve. How can this be fixed?


There’s nothing wrong with your application. The message you are seeing is related to the fact that we are still testing the new version of our firmware. Update will be available soon :slight_smile:

Great. Thanks for clearing that up for me.