Chromium Webbrowser does not work in CORE2-ROS

When I try to use Chromium for browsing in web there is always the message:
Something went wrong while displaying this webpage
The same happens for the “About” and the “Settings” page.
Firrefox works without problems.

Could you tell me on which websites you can see this message? ,, or others?

I tried a few, as far as I remember, e.g.,, …
But the error message also appeared when I want to the Chromium “About” page or the “Settings” from the menu, so I assume it is a general problem.
I cancelled a reinstall of Chromium because there is a dependency to “husarian-camera” (not sure about the exact name).

OK, so you used Chromium that is installed inside CORE2-ROS? This Chromium is used for WebRTC, not for web browsing.