[Closed] Change ROSbot 2 Board

Hi, is there a way to change ROSbot 2 board to a rasbberry pi4 as Rosbot2R uses?

Hello @CataSch

ROSbot 2 upgrade to Rpi4 (SBC, which is used inside the ROSbot 2R) is possible, but we do not support such exchange in the form of manuals and other materials of this type, as these are out-of-warranty activities.
If you decide to replace yourself, you can use a lot of helpful materials in our documentation and on Husarion’s github. However, if you are interested in buying a new ROSbot 2R, write to support@husarion.com, where in response, providing the serial number of your ROSbot 2, you will receive an appropriate discount on the new robot.

Best regards
Jan Brzyk