[Closed] Communication between two CORE2's using GPIOs

my team is working on project which includes two CORE2’s. We need to send some data from master core2 to slave. We decided to use GPIOs of one of hSens ports, so we connected ports via RJ11 not crossed cable. In both programms for master and slave we initialized hSens6 port as GPIO port and set functions of each pin as output on master side and input on slave side. In main loop of master programm we set state via hSens3.pinX.write(bool) and on slave side we check state via hSens3.pinX.read() but it doesn’t work. Read states are always the same (1., 3. and 4. pins are high, 2. is low). What we did wrong? Could you help us?
If there are other methods to communicate two boards with each other like UART or CAN let us know, please.

Hi Kuba,

We are very sorry, but CORE2 is no longer supported.
If you have any question or doubts, please check the product manual:

Or find an answer in our CORE2 example based on hFramework:

This one can be very helpful:

In case you would like to use this controller with Mbed, please check the ROSbot firmware as an example of using CORE2 with this framework:

Best regards,

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