[Closed] Connecting to ROSbot with remote desktop


In connecting ROSbot2R from remote desktop xrdp (client application), the connection desktop dosen’t appear in xrdp and it appear in the back of ROSbot2R’s Desktop(Desktop Switcher2). Hence, is there a way to close desktop switcher of lxqt lubuntu or how to get full permission authentication from remote desktop.
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If you want to gain access to a remote desktop, I would recommend you to use this Remote Access tutorial. It does require configuration of its Husarnet network, but it is done in just a few steps.

If you do not have the ~/remote_desktop_start.sh script on your robot, it may be necessary to reinstall the system, which is also briefly described here.

I realize that this is not a strict answer to your problem, but if you want quick access to a remote desktop, this is an official solution that we support.

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