[Closed] Controlling two ROSBot Simultaneously


I am writing to request some help regarding the issues about controlling two Rosbot.

Our Task: want to control two ROSBot, each ROSBot is connected to a laptop that runs a control algorithm (see the attached figure).

Issue: the algorithm runs pretty fast with a single robot, but if we run the algorithm for two robots simultaneously (using two laptops), the algorithm speed becomes extremely slow for each ROSBot. This issue exists whether we connect the two ROSBot to the same router or to two different routers (one router for each ROSBot).

Question: How can we use two ROSBot simultaneously? What could be the reason that the algorithm slows down whenever a second robot starts running (it seems that the two ROSBot are affecting each other even when we connect them to two different routers)?


One again hi ldjyl.

Could you attach the Ethernet adapter to the robot and test it without WiFi?
This seems like you have many WiFi networks in the area you are testing the algorithm and both routers chose very similar frequencies and so both ROSbots might be still disturbing each other’s transitions.
You can try moving the entire setup to a whole different place where you are sure there are very few WiFi networks. But first just out of curiosity, consider trying running robots using the Ethernet.

Best regards,
Krzysztof Wojciechowski.