[Closed] Core2 Quick start

Hello, I have a board for a couple years, sorry to say I haven’t had a ton of time to practice my coding.

I only have the Core2 board, i am connected to a laptop (running ubuntu 20.04 with ROS Noetic) with the USB cable to flash code to the board.

the feedback seems like the code is being flashed but i have no flashing lights. only power on Red light.

I do have the tinkerboard setup as well, but was having the same issue.

not sure what to look for to determine if the board failed or something else is happening.

Before i put it away, i was able to use the husarion cloud and flash code, as well as a windows PC to flash code.

let me know, id like to set aside some time to dive deeper into this.

see below.

"ros84@ros-dan:~$ ./Desktop/husarion-tools/amd64-linux/core2-flasher ~/Desktop/example.hex
Connecting to the Husarion device… OK
Checking settings… OK
Connecting to bootloader… OK
Checking configuration… OK
Erasing device… 0 1 2 OK
Programming device… OK
Reseting device… OK
==== Summary ====
Time: 9158 ms
Speed: 4.89 KBps (40099 bps)

So after reading some more of what was going on. I understood that you all changed from the Cloud IDE which I did use when originally using the board.

I had to un-protect the boot loader.
/rpi-linux/core2-flasher --unprotect.
reflashed code and all is working .

next thing is to set up the Mbed tools and environment.

FYI - although I was interested in this stuff years ago i am still a beginner.

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Hi Daniel,

Sorry for long time of response. You are right. We had to shut down Husarion Cloud because a few years after the end of the sale of CORE2 we had literally no users. Most of the clients used to coding controller using offline development tools even before shutting down cloud.

Next step was replacing our hFramework by Mbed, so we can just recommend you now to try it :slight_smile: I hope you will like it.

Best regards,