[Closed] How to improve frequency rate for rgb compressed image and depth image

I’m trying to subscribe to the topics of both the rgb image(/camera/rgb/image_rect_color/compressed) and depth image(/camera/depth/image_raw) simultaneously. I checked the frequency rate using “rostopic hz” and it seems that there is huge difference on the average rates for rgb and depth. I tested with both ROSbot 2.0 and ROSbot 2.0 pro. Using ROSbot 2.0, the average rate for compressed rgb image is about 20 and the average rate for depth image is only 1.5. On the other hand, ROSbot 2.0 pro gives the average rate of 30 for depth image and 5 for rgb image.
So when I try to synchronize it using approximate synchronizer, the processing speed is very slow.

Is there any way to improve the frequency rate for both rgb and depth images?

Unfortunately, this is a subject on which Orbbec developers are best known. Please describe your problem in the discussion forum for users of Orbbec products:

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