[Closed] IMU and battery node of panther


The panther we bought are reporting errors on panther_spatial_node and battery_node.

[ERROR] [1697785875.179898528]: Spatial: Failed to open device: Timed Out
[INFO] [1697785877.828514]: [/panther/system_status_node] Node started
[panther/phidgets_spatial_node-9] process has died [pid 70, exit code 255, cmd /opt/ros/noetic/lib/nodelet/nodelet standalone phidgets_spatial/PhidgetsSpatialNodelet __name:=phidgets_spatial_node __log:=/root/.ros/log/d6b5931e-6f17-11ee-897c-e45f01623a4f/panther-phidgets_spatial_node-9.log].                      
log file: /root/.ros/log/d6b5931e-6f17-11ee-897c-e45f01623a4f/panther-phidgets_spatial_node-9*.log 
[WARN] [1697785889.809991]: [/panther/battery_node] The charger has been plugged in, but the charging process has not started. Verify whether the charger is connected to a power source.                                                                                                                                 
[ WARN] [1697785894.164458232]: Still waiting for data on topic /panther/imu/data_raw...  

Could you help us on this? Thank you.

Additional info on Panther:

Serial number: 0f4f
Robot version: 1.20
ROS driver version: 1.1.0

Hi xuhu7477,

The first error suggests that the IMU is not connected. To check its connection, you will need to access the Panther’s Built-in Computer (Raspberry Pi). It is located in the rear Service Space of your robot. Here are instructions on how to access it: Panther - Outdoor AMR | Husarion
The IMU is connected to a Raspberry Pi via one of the USB cables. Check connections of cables on both ends.
To verify that imu is connected to the robot, you can log into the Built-in Computer (ssh husarion@ and use lsusb command. In the output, as one of the devices, there should be: Phidgets Inc. (formerly GLAB)

Regarding the second issue, it suggests that charger was not properly connected to a power outlet. When connected to a power source, a red/green LED on top of the charger should light up.



Thank you for your advice. The problem of phidgets can be resolved by unplug and plug the usb cable. But the device won’t be detected again using lsusb when the panther is rebooted. This still troubles us since we cannot unplug and plug again every time when the panther is in operation.

For the second issue, it seems to be occured only for the version 1.1.0 but not in version 1.0.0.


Hi Xujiang,

Could you please run the following test for me?

  1. Turn off the robot.
  2. Disconnect the UCCB cable shown in the picture below.

  1. Turn on the robot. The software stack may not work correctly, but that’s okay.
  2. Run the lsusb command and check if the IMU is listed.
  3. You can now turn off the robot and plug the UCCB cable back.

As for the charging issue, could you please run the following command when the charger is connected and the error occurs, and send the output?

rostopic echo /panther/battery

Also, does this warning appear at the beginning/end or during the whole charging process? Does it repeat (should repeat every 5 seconds)?


Hi Dawid,

The IMU shows up when the UCCB cable is disconnected.

For the charging issue, i mean the warning comes up when the charger is not plugged into the power outlet. The warning repeats every 5 seconds as long as the charger not connected. When charger connected, the warning disappears in a right way. Anyway, the topic output as

  seq: 126
    secs: 1698075617
    nsecs: 842174053
  frame_id: ''
voltage: 39.942867279052734
temperature: 22.02701187133789
current: -0.550000011920929
charge: 16.899717330932617
capacity: 20.0
design_capacity: 20.0
percentage: 0.8449859023094177
power_supply_status: 3
power_supply_health: 1
power_supply_technology: 2
present: True
cell_voltage: []
cell_temperature: []
location: ''
serial_number: ''

The IMU issue seems to be specific to your robot. I have sent you a private message with a solution for the problem.

As for the warning when the charger is not connected to the power outlet, this is an expected behavior that was introduced in software version 1.1.0. It informs you that the robot detected the charger but the charging process has not started. Typically, this warning indicates that the charger was not properly plugged into the power outlet. However, it could also signal other issues, such as charger failure.


That’s good.

For the charger warning, i express myself inaccurate previously. The warning comes up when the charger not connected to the robot.

Could you please run the following command, then connect the charger to the robot and then disconnect it?

rostopic echo /panther/hardware/io_state


when charger connected

aux_power: False
charger_connected: True
charger_enabled: False
digital_power: True
fan: False
motor_power: True
power_button: False

when disconnect

aux_power: False
charger_connected: True
charger_enabled: False
digital_power: True
fan: False
motor_power: True
power_button: False

The topic was resolved in a private thread outside the community forum. If you encounter a similar problem, please contact us at support@husarion.com to guide you through the issue correction procedure.