[Closed] Interfacing ESP32 with Husarnet VPN


I am trying to interface the ESP32 with the Husarnet VPN such that I can communicate with the ROS master on the same VPN. The ROS master is using ROS Noetic.

I tried following the tutorial suggested by Husarnet, as the link: Connect to remote ESP32 | Husarnet , but catkin make failed. However it is evident that ROS Kinetic is being used, is there an alternative for ROS Noetic, or it is not possible to connect the ESP32 to ROS Noetic using the Husarnet VPN?

Moreover, the Husarnet ESP32 library does not contain any header files.

Thanks and regards,
Carsten Karl Grech

Hello @Carsten_Karl_Grech,

Unfortunately, I don’t know the answers to your questions. I suggest asking your question at: Help - Husarnet, there should be more people there who are familiar with the topic of Husarnet on ESP32.