[Closed] Map,odom,base_link frames

I am currently trying to use gmapping in my custom world.But I am stucking in frames transformation between map,odom and base_link.Although good result of mapping came out when i use default search.world in simulation, map frame moved around and cannot control transformation of map, odom and base_link frames well in custom world.

I also face this problem in testing ROS tutorial in ROSbot2R.
Hence, please kindly suggest me for better performance in transformation.

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I wonder what the blue area is? Could you please instruct me on how you got it running, then I should be able to look into the matter better.

While you were struggling with the problem, it appeared a few days ago. I strongly encourage you to check two of them, because there is a chance that the bug you are discussing may no longer exist.

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Rafał Górecki

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I’m closing this thread after >2 months of inactivity.