[Closed] `PANTHER_IMU_ORIENTATION_Y` in panther description


I notice that there is an update of the parameter PANTHER_IMU_ORIENTATION_Y in panther description in the configuration file /run/husarion/panther_config.env. The value for the yaw angle changed from 3.14159 to 0.0. Is there any specific reason to change that? Is there a doc describing the configuration of tf transformation between imu frame and base link in ROS. Thank you.


Hi xuhu7477,

The IMU position and orientation are read directly from robot’s EEPROM and stored in /run/husarion/panther_config.env file. On boot, these values are exported as environmental vatiables. These values (like PANTHER_IMU_ORIENTATION_Y) are specyfic to each robot version and should not change.

If you’re using custom robot description, here is an example of how to use environmental variables to set up the correct tf for IMU frame: https://github.com/husarion/panther_ros/blob/cd52090fb96717cf0c927c08514578af9a699931/panther_bringup/launch/bringup.launch#L35

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