[Closed] Panther ROS2 Humble Potential/Workarounds


We would greatly like to install ROS2 Humble on the Panther robot as we’ve moved all our other robots and computers to Ubuntu 22.04+ROS2 Humble. Thus, it would greatly beneficial to migrate our Panther as well. However, as noted in Panther OS reinstall docs the OS image for Humble is not yet supported on the Panther.

We have a couple of questions:

  1. Is support for ROS2 Humble of Panther intended in the future?
  2. Is it currently possible to run ROS2 on the panther in any capacity?

For the second point, It appears that the Husarion repos have a branch related to Humble, so perhaps we could manually configure something?

Alternatively, we are considering using a ROS2 docker container with ROS bridge to interface with the Noetic OS, similar to the panther-navigation repo. Is this the approach you would recommend, and if so do you have any steps or guides for getting started with this?

Thank you.

Hello @Tim_RMIT

we are in the middle of strong development of the public Alpha version of the ROS 2 image for Panther. The planned date is the end of this week, so instead of a broader description, let me suggest you wait for a while.
In case I forgot to mention in this thread, all updates appear/will appear in this repository on branches related to ROS 2.

Best regards
Jan Brzyk

Hello @JanBrzyk ,

Well, what timing! Thank you for the information. We’ll keep an eye out for the alpha version and information.

Thank you.

The ROS2 Alpha version is already available, check: Operating System Reinstallation | Husarion