[Closed] Pip3 install


I’d like to install python3 and pip3.

when I install python3 and pip3 using ‘sudo apt install python3-pip python3-all-dev python3-rospkg’, a following error messages occured.

The internet is connected.

How can I install python3 and pip3.

Thank you.

Hello @chokings,

If you are certain that your internet connection is active, the issue likely lies with either your sources configuration or the absence of python3 on your system.

For simpler resolutions, you can try:

  1. Automatically repairing your package sources. Use:
sudo apt update --fix-missing
  1. Reinstalling python3 using the instructions provided here.

Please tell us if its help.

However, please be aware that the problem is specifically related to file installation on Linux. Information regarding this matter is readily available on the internet, making it relatively easy to find a solution.

Best regards,

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