[Closed] Question about hSensor access on ROSbot 2R

Hi, I’m trying to use hSensor 4 on my ROSbot to power and read from a RPLidar. My assumption was that these ports were forwarded to Pi, is this correct? Do I need to configure anything anywhere? From the CORE2 documentation it’s a bit unclear to me how these ports should be accessed. What is the recommended way of doing this? I don’t see any new devices on the Pi as I perhaps naively expected.

If you’re interested, not using the RPLidar with the supplied UART-USB bridge as the USB interrupts introduce a lot of lag to the Wifi adapter, connected via USB3. I hope this might be a better solution.

Edit: I think I already see my mistake. I’m trying to read the RPLidar on the Pi, so probably I should just connect it via the GPIO pins on the Pi, as Core2 has nothing to do with this, right?

Hi @MirekBurkon,
a RPLidar has to be connected to a SBC. In your case it has to be connected to the Pi.

As you edited the post. PRLidar has nothing to the Core2. The Core2 is the driver for motors, IMU, and distance sensors with additional upgrades which you can connect to the ports in the rear panel.

If you want to use a RPLidar you have to connect it to the Pi.

Please inform me if the solution works for you and feel free to reach out if you need any further assistance.

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Thanks @JakubDelicat, I figured it out in the meantime.

I’m trying to post a detailed description here on to how to rewire the RPLidar, if anybobody’s interested, and I also updated the sllidar_ros2 package to make this work. However, this site says “Sorry, new users can only put 2 links in a post.” Can you please look into it so that I can share my solution with all the relevant sources and links?

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Hello @MirekBurkon

I just raised your “trust level” on Husarion Community.
Feel free to share your thoughts in this thread!

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Thanks Jan, here it is: