[Closed] Robot Swarm with multiple (e.g. 6-8) ROSbot 2 Pro?


I’m looking to get multiple units of ROSbot 2 Pro for our multi-robot research and wonder if anyone or the support team has experience using them as a robotic swarm with peer-to-peer communication? We are curious how the latency would be if asking six to eight ROSbot 2 Pro to share information about their measurement, e.g. RSSI as shown in the wi-fi mapping demo, to guide the coordinated motion of the entire team.

Thank you!

Dear Chaser,

Thank you for your inquiry regarding the use of ROSbot 2 Pro units as a robotic swarm with peer-to-peer communication. We have a solution called Husarnet that enables peer-to-peer VPN communication. Its main objective is to provide low latency, so you shouldn’t be concerned about it.

If you prefer not to make any changes to our robot’s configuration, all you need to do is remap topics such as cmd_vel or encapsulate the entire robot system within a namespace. This will allow you to isolate the communication between the robots and minimize potential conflicts.

Additionally, there are network solutions available from eProsima. You can use tools like DDS Router or Discovery Server. The Discovery Server significantly reduces network requirements, while the DDS Router enables transmitting only the topics needed outside the robot’s internal network.

Please let us know if you have any further questions or if there’s anything else we can assist you with.

Best regards,