[Closed] Rosbot 2R Humble Image problem with DNS

I wanted to use the Humble Image for my Rosbot2R. I can install Ubuntu 22.04 on the robot and connect him to my wifi with netplan. But then the problem starts. I can ping other PCs in my network and outside for example but when I try ping google.com or sudo apt update the Error "Cant resolve Hostname" occurs.

Hello @JuSeif and welcome to Husarion Community!

Does the sudo iwgetid command displays the name of your wifi network?

Best regards
Jan Brzyk

Hello @JanBrzyk the command sudo iwgetid shows, that i`m connnected to my wifi. The problem is, that the robot can not resolve domain names.

Hello @JuSeif,

try reinstalling the Operating System of your ROSbot 2R (we recommend the ROS 2 Humble OS image (2022-12-28)).
Then try doing everything step by step again from the How to start Tutorial.

Have you checked communication with another Wifi network?

Best regards
Jan Brzyk

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