[Closed] ROSbot upgade to Rpi4


I have swapped the SBC in my ROSbot to an RPi4. I have also reflashed to roscore-2 board and upgraded to the OS2 Humble docker images.

It seems I may have incorrectly reconnected the drive motors to the roscore-2 board as the robot jitters in place when I issue a /cmd_vel message to move along the vehicle’s positive x axis. Are the connections shown here (https://www.instructables.com/ROSbot-Autonomous-Robot-With-LiDAR/) correct ?

I presume left is the left side of the robot when looking along its positive x axis.

Is there any easy method to verify I flashed the correct driver type (Diff) to the roscore-2 board ?

Any other debugging tips ?

Thanks for any suggestions

Digging further, it appars examining messages on the /_motors_cmd topic is a logical next step. Since ros2 code is using the diffdriver controller from ros2 distro, is seems there is one firmware version.

Motors are fixed; robot moving correctly to /cmd_vel

The nav2 stack errors on bringup on rosbot, there is apparently a lifecycle manager transition missing for controller_server. I am using the galactic nav docker container as per documentation. I do not have time to try to debug, so will try running nav stack on remote system and see how well that functions for slam.

Hello @hetzerrr

Is there any update about these nav2 errors on Galactic?

Best regards
Jan Brzyk

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