[Closed] Using I2C Sensors with Rosbot 2

Hello all,

Has anyone had any success connecting a i2c sensor to the back of the Rosbot 2.0 Pro. I would like to connect a INA 219 and a INA 260 to the hExt pins on the back of the Rosbot, but I am having trouble on how to access them or proceed from there. It seems that the ASUS tinker board does not support Adafruit’s circuitpython, and I have not any success accessing the i2c ports in any other manner.

Can anyone help me? I’m not the most advance in this topic, but running i2cdetect does not return anything, and I’m confused on how to proceed. I’d appreciate any advice/tutorials on this subject.

Thank you in advanced.

Hi musicboy,

The sensor should be connected to hExt I2C pins: 11 - I2C SDA and 12 - I2C SCL (according to manual). Can You check what firmware version do You have? Maybe you need to update Your firmware?
In your cpp code, You need to include <hFramework> library and then proceed with I2C pins hExt.i2c.pinSda and hExt.i2c.pinScl . Here You can find examples of usage of I2C in hFramework. Let me know exactly where are You stuck.

Best regards

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