Cloud IDE does not see device

I trying to get some basic applications running on my CORE2+ROS (Tinkerboard). I have the CORE2 visible in the cloud interface, assigned to a virtual robot. But when I try to use the IDE, I’m not able to select this or any other device. to upload to.

I tried disconnecting the CORE2 from the virtual robot but was still not able to add it.

How can I do this?

Hi thealy,

If I understood you well you have connected CORE2-ROS to your account at and then to a Virtual Robot. After doing that, you cannot select it in web IDE in order to upload a code?

Please try to remove your CORE2-ROS from you account at Husarion cloud and connect it once more. Then try to program it from web IDE. If it works please do the same after connecting your CORE2-ROS to a Virtual Robot.

Please let me know the results.