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So we have a package working on our laptops with Linux and ros which works with the cmake_modules package. Right now it subscribes to topics of the rosbot2.0, however we want to make it run on the rosbot itself. The cmake_modules package doesn’t exist on the rosbot however. Also after using the sudo apt-get install command it says it should have installed it, however it doesn’t seem to exist anywhere. My question is why doesn’t this package exist on the rosbot2.0 and also why can’t we install it?

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Hello Thijs,

You can verify if package is installed with:

apt-cache policy ros-kinetic-cmake-modules

This will show installed version if it is installed and newest version that can be installed.

Further, you can check with:

dpkg-query -L ros-kinetic-cmake-modules

This will list all files of the package and their locations.

All packages are allowed to be installed on ROSbot, there are no restrictions on it.


Hi again Lukasz,

We tried that, but we get kind of conflicting messages.
Would you have any suggestions on how to proceed?


Hello Thijs,

The reason is that ros-cmake-modules and ros-kinetic-cmake-modules are different packages.
For ros-cmake-modules, the check commands will be:

apt-cache policy ros-cmake-modules
dpkg-query -L ros-cmake-modules

And to install ros-kinetic-cmake-modules:

sudo apt install ros-kinetic-cmake-modules


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This seemed to make it work, thanks a lot!