Communication with Intel Edison


Is somehow possible to interoperate with Linux that runs on the Intel Edison board?
In the docs I can see that Edison serial port is not recommended to use in “normal” scenarios. I also couldn’t have found any description of this feature. I’d appreciate if you could point me to some (source code is also fine).

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Connecting to Intel Edison
It depends on what you mean by ‘interoperate’. If you want to run your own code on Intel Edison, it is possible (but limited for now). You can ssh to Intel Edison and run your own scripts.

Be aware that this system has some limitations:

  • As it is internal system, it is fully replaced during update process.
  • You cannot use more that about 200MB (including new packages)
  • If you want to use more space, use /user mount point.

However, in the future we will add user system next to internal system that will be persistent.

Communication with RoboCORE
In order to send data to RoboCORE, you should connect to tcpip port 6800 on localhost (for Intel Edison script) or to address under “Local serial” that is shown on Android device.

Code for RoboCORE

void hMain()
    platform.begin(&Edison); // or Usb (for Android)
    for (;;)
        int r = platform.LocalSerial.getch();
        platform.LocalSerial.printf("got %d\r\n", r);

If you’re using Linux it is as simple as running the following command:

$ telnet IP_ADDRESS 6800

on Windows you can use Putty

Hi Krystian.

The TCP port working as a serial interface was exactly what I was looking for! I’ve checked it out and it works like a charm.
Thanks a lot!

Is this feature mentioned somewhere in documentation or is it me just being blind? :smile:

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You’re not blind :slight_smile: Actually, it’s not documented as this is experimental feature. It’s nice to hear that it is what you need :slight_smile: