Connection Issue

My rosbot is connected to the internet but the blue LR1 led won’t stop flashing signifying that its trying to connect and is not connected.
I can tell that the robot is connected to the internet when plug it into a display I am also able to ssh into the system with no problem.
However when I look at the Husarion cloud it says the robot is offline.
How do I fix this issue and make sure that my robot stays online?


Hi, check the system time of the Raspberry Pi. It might not be synchronised.
This could be due to restrictions/security of the network you’re using it on. I’d advise to copy the time from the PC you’re accessing it from to the Raspberry Pi (if it’s a Ubuntu PC).


The rosbot has a core2 controller would I do the same thing? If so how would i check the system time?

I tried manually setting the time on my Rosbot but the LR1 led is still flashing blue

Hi Juliette,

Please try to connect your ROSbot to your Husarion Cloud one more time. In most cases, this simple operation solves the problem.

Please let me know the results.

Best regards,