CORE2 HusarionConfigXXXX not visible

Hi all,

When trying to re-connect the CORE2-ROS I currently use to the cloud, the HusarionConfigXXXX adress is not showing up in the list of available networks after the hConfig button is pressed. The CORE2 does enter config mode (i.e. LR1 and LR2 blinking). but nothing else. I can still connect to the RPi through RDP.

It started after fixing an issue where the cloud would have an invalid bin file error when flashing code.

When not in config mode, LR2 is blinking, indicating it is busy connecting, but does not seem to ever manage doing so.

Any suggestions?

Cheers, Gus

Hello Gus,

If you can connect with CORE2-ROS through RDP, there is no need to redo full process with config mode.
You can use command line method to register device within cloud.
When following this method, you can type sudo systemctl restart husarnet-configurator instead of rebooting device.


Hello Lukasz,

Thank you! This has worked for all but one of the CORE2’s we’re using. The final one still needs to be connected to our network to access the internet, is there any way to do this without hConfig?