CORE2 on Local Wifi

At my shop location in my aircraft hangar, I do not have Internet access. But I would like to run the CORE2 runtime web interface on a local area wifi network, instead of going through (which I love, by the way) So I would be viewing the CORE2 web server on a laptop, both on the same local router wifi network. Is this possible? thx

Hi Jeff, if you have CORE2-ROS probably this article is what you are looking for: Bootstrap 4 + ROS : creating a web UI for your robot | by Dominik Nowak | Husarion Blog | Medium :slight_smile:

No, my device is a CORE2. The built in web server on the CORE2 runs fine when on the Internet, and is how I currently connect and interact with the device. But the Internet is spotty, and need a local area connection or a WiFi hotspot. This is using the standard Husarion project code. Instead of the cloud, I want to access it locally. I suspect it’s running on the device IP address on a particular port?

void hMain()

while (1) {


void cloudTask() {
platform.ui.configHandler = cfgHandler;

Hi, the web user interface is not hosted on CORE2 board, but on Even if you create a web UI that is hosted on your laptop it will still need to have access to to control your CORE2. It doesn’t matter whether your CORE2 is in the same network or not.

CORE2-ROS gives you more capabilities in controlling through local network than CORE2. You can “upgrade” your CORE2 to CORE2-ROS by replaceing ESP32 Wi-Fi module with a Raspberry Pi 3 (or ASUS Tinker Board) working on system image that you can find here: Downloads | Husarion . The physical connector is different, so some cables soldering would be necessary.

But if you achieve to do that, you will be able to host your web UI on CORE2-ROS and to access that from your local network.

If you need to have a local connection to CORE2 and CORE2-ROS is not fine for your project, consider using a bluetooth module that you can connect to hExt or hSensor port and write your own desktop or mobile app to access your device.

If you will have any further questions don’t hesitate to ask :slight_smile:


Got it, you answered my question! Thank you very much. I plan to order a CORE2-ROS in addition to my CORE2. I love this system! Might you have any example code for Bluetooth interaction with the CORE2? Update - just ordered a CORE2-ROS!

Hi PureRockets,

The easiest way is to use HC-05 Bluetooth module, it gets connected through serial port to CORE2. You can write and read it as standard serial port.
Usage of this module is explained in this tutorial. However this is for communicating Arduino with Bluetooth devices, it should be easy enough to port this code to CORE2.